The client acquired this dwelling situated on the eastern side of the Monells river course because it was next to her own.


The original dwelling had a curious L-shaped floor, which means that, apart from the main entrance that faces the river course, there is another entrance on a side street.

The main aim of the refurbishment was to provide all of the lighting and natural ventilation elements and at the same time enlarge the outside areas on which the house would revolve. To achieve this, volume was removed from the interior area and another floor was added to the main volume that faces the river course.

The garden at the main entrance completes the existing urban landscape and the new interior courtyard provides enjoyment of the outdoors in exquisite privacy and tranquillity, enhanced by the pleasant screened light that it receives.

Of note is the careful selection of colours used in the wall and ceiling finishes, which provide the whole house with a bright and very personalised ambience.