The assignment came from a young couple who wanted to transform the old village rectory into a charming hotel.


The limited budget provided a challenge and as a result the actions carried out were based on three fundamental premises:

  • Make the most of the existing building’s features.
  • Eliminate the few remaining traces which spoiled it, as well as a terrace around the perimeter in bad condition and an old toilet, which helped to recover the features of the house, as well as improving the cleanliness of the inside.
  • Simplify the passageways. An attempt was made to avoid low quality hallways and serving areas as much as possible. To do this it was necessary to recover an old set of bricked-up stairs which connected the ground floor to the first floor and modify the start of the stairs which led to the roofed floor so that they would rise from the main room of the first floor which is the point from which the former began.

In order to ventilate all areas of the hotel, an interior courtyard was built on the first floor. Thanks to this action the bedrooms are cross-ventilated and the interior bathrooms receive outdoor light.

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